1. Are all your ingredients organic? 

- We strive to use as much organic ingredients as possible, while also keeping the food at an affordable price point. We would say at least 80% of the ingredients used in each dish are organic.

2. When do I need to place my order?

- We deliver on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Place your order by Sunday at midnight for delivery on the following days. When ordering please comment in the note section what day you would like your delivery and also what delivery time frame you would like. 

-When ordering please use the note section to let us know what delivery time frame you would like your order and what day you would like your delivery.

3. How big are the portions? 

- We use 24oz (3 cups) containers for all mains and salads.

4. Is the food delivered hot? 

- No, we do cook the food fresh each day but we do not deliver meals hot. But they are designed so that you can easily reheat them yourself. 

5.I have food allergies, do you post your ingredients?

- Yes, we now post every ingredient we use in each dish.

6. What if I am not home when you deliver? 

- We suggest contacting us as soon as possible if you will be late or unavailable for your scheduled delivery. In most cases we will try to leave the order at your front door in these situations. 

7. Can I pick up my order? 

- We prefer to deliver your order as we have two set days that we cook and two set days for delivery. 

8. Is there a delivery charge? 

- Delivery is free with a minimum order of $50. Please note that we do not deliver for orders under $50.

9. Do I need to order every week? 

Nope, some clients order weekly, other clients order every other week. There is no commitment or subscription. 

10. Are your containers recyclable? 

- They sure are. We strive to create as little waste as possible. Containers are either biodegradable or recyclable. Many of our regular customers return the containers to us every week.

11. Do you use honey?

- Nope.  

12. Do you use gluten?

- We are now 100% gluten free.