Vegan Cheese Making Workshop

Hello Folks,

We are excited to announce that we are now in Vancouver! 

We are launching our first Vancouver based workshop in plant based-cheese making. 

Come down and learn and how to easily and cheaply make your own vegan butter, yogurt and cheese at home. 

You will learn the basic of fermentation for vegan cheese making, how to use different starters for culturing your cheese. As well as making cheese from a variety of bases, including cashews, almonds, hemp seeds and oats.

We will go over how to make your own vegan butter and yoghurt, as well as feta, cheddar, a raw chevre style cheese and a meltable mozzarella.

You will take home the skills to begin making your own vegan cheese, as well as have the opportunity to ask Sophia all your cheese making questions.

Every participant will get a chance to taste the different ferments, as well as take home a 2oz sample of each cheese we make in the workshop. 

For more details and ticket purchases please click here