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Vegan Cheese Workshop - Hamilton

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Hey folks,

We are bringing the vegan cheese workshop to Toronto.

All cheese is soy and gluten free. You will get to take home at least four sample products that we make in the workshop. We will also provide you with written recipes for the cheeses we make in the workshop. 

Based on feedback we are making a few changes and will go over both nut cheeses and nut free cheeses. The handout with the recipes will include versions for all the recipes to be made with or without nuts. Please note because we are working with nuts at the workshop we can not guarantee cheeses made at the workshop are nut free.

We will be making:

Hemp seed and quiona yogurt

Cashew cheddar

Sunflower seed cream cheese

Nacho cheese

Chickpea mozzarella

Almond feta cheese

We are offering two time slots and are capping the workshop at 15 people per session.

March 12th 6pm - 9pm


The Hearty Hooligan
292 Ottawa Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

Tickets are $45. Workshops are capped at 15 people so we can be attentive to questions folks have.

About The Workshop:

The workshop is taught by Sophia Banks, the owner and chef of Vegan Canteen. Sophia has worked in kitchens for nearly 20 years and is a patient and hands on teacher with lots of experience teaching people how to prepare food.

The workshop is a three hour, semi-hands on workshop where will go over the basics of vegan cheese making, fermentation, culturing and setting vegan cheese. 

We will go over making rejuvelac to start your vegan cheese, using rejuvelac and miso for culturing and fermentation. We will discuss and go over making vegan yogurt, cream cheese, nacho cheese, meltable mozzarella, feta and cheddar.

We will go over what makes vegan cheese melt and stretch, what agar is, what kappa carrageenan is, the main differences.

You will get to take home a cream cheese so you can keep the culturing process going and see and taste how the process works at home. You will also take home a feta cheese and nacho cheese. 

We will go over the theory of aging and rinding cheese. 

We do use a vitamix for the cheese blending but some cheese can be made without one. We have read of people having success with cashew cheese using other high speed blenders.