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Vegan Cheese Workshop (Advanced Class) - Toronto

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We are coming back to Toronto with the advanced cheese making workshop.

This workshop will be dedicated to making vegan cheese that will go perfect on a vegan cheese board. 

A vegan cheese board? Yes! It's so delicious. 

What I always missed most about cheese was those ones with complex flavours that I was never sure at first if I loved or hated but as the complex flavours and textures were explored by my tongue I would fall in love. I spent that last year as a chef working on creating some amazing aged vegan cheese.

We will be making the following vegan cheeses:


Blue cheese

Aged sharp white cheddar with white wine

Brie cheese with shiitake and truffle oil

Horseradish and IPA Cheddar

Blueberry and sage gouda with white wine

Smoked aged cheddar with ancho pepper, annatto, ash and paprika rind


This workshop will go over more advanced techniques of vegan cheese making, such as working with vegan rennet, calcium chloride and other ways of making harder vegan cheeses. We discuss how to age rind and age vegan cheese. We go over double culturing using both an easy to make rejuvelac and miso paste. 

We will be working with penicillium candidum to create a cashew brie cheese that will bloom and penicillium roqueforti to create an authentic blue cheese. 


You will also get the handout and recipes from the intro workshop. As well as the handout for the advanced workshop. I will also provide you with enough penicillium roqueforti to make 500 grams of vegan blue cheese.


Saturday May 5th, 2018

1pm - 5pm


3Delta Studio

180 Shaw Street, Unit 207

Artscape Youngplace


*Allergen notice: Please note we are working with cashew and penicillium.