Mac& Cheese Powder

  • $9.50

A delicious vegan mac and cheese powder. Made with dehydrated organic vegetables, sprouted quinoa and orange lentils. 

Great for making a quick and delicious mac and cheese at home.



Making this vegan mac and cheese sauce takes as little as 5 minutes. Simply add 6 ounces of water (or plain vegan milk of your choice) to a small pot, bring to a simmer and whisk in 1/4 cup of the powder cheese mix (35 grams, or 1/4 cup). keep on medium heat and keep stirring. Within 3-5 minutes you will notice the sauce thickening up and getting a slight stretch. One you see it thickening up keeping cook on medium heat for a minute two to allow the sauce to really thicken up. Then simply add your macaroni noodles and enjoy. 

*we suggest adding a tablespoon or oil or vegan butter of your choice to the mixture as you heat it for a creamier sauce, but your choice :)  

140 grams per package. Each package will make 1kg of vegan cheese sauce