Vegan Cheese Making Workshop

  • $55.00

Vegan Cheese Making Workshop - an introduction to plant-based cheesemaking


Our plant-based cheese making workshop will be an introduction to fermentation and making your own vegan cheeses. 

We will be working with a variety of bases and starter cultures to show you how to safely make your own cultured cheese at home and how to taste and distinguish what their differences are. You will learn how to control the textures of your vegan cheese, the chemistry behind making a stretchy gooey vegan cheese, and how to make vegan cheese harder and prepare it for ageing, safely. You will learn how to adapt the recipes for our vegan cheeses to make them smokey, spicey, sweet, etc..

We also highly encourage you to ask questions during the workshop. 

Every participant will take home a variety of samples made in the workshop, as well as recipes for all the vegan cheese we make in the workshop

Date: February 15th, 10am - 2pm

Location: 95 East First Ave, Vancouver. 

(We are holding the workshop in a community room of a co-op to keep ticket costs down for folks). 

You will receive an order confirmation by email after purchase. Please have that order number handy when you show up for the workshop. 

We will check in by email 2 days before the workshop with a reminder and instructions to find the class space in the community room.


If you have any questions please email Sophia at