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Hey Folks,

We are getting ready to launch our brand new vegan cheeze powder. Our Packages are set to arrive by the end of March. The cheeze powder will begin shipping the first week of April.

Because of the Coronavirus, we are losing all our public markets. Like many other small businesses. We are getting financially crushed because of the virus and social distancing. We are offering gift certificates to help minimize the financial impact on our business. So please, if you can help support a small business get through this crisis consider purchasing gift certificates from us.

Once we launch we will be selling our vegan cheese packages for $14 and using a flat rate shipping of $6. Shipping in Canada is annoying and it's generally the same price to ship either 1 package or 5. So it generally makes sense to order a few packages.

Each package is 140 grams and makes over 1kg of vegan cheeze sauce.

Please follow our social media for recipes and tips to make with the cheeze powder.



nutritional yeast
brown rice flour
tomato powder
sweet potato powder
orange lentils
tapioca starch
quinoa flour
smoked paprika
chickpea miso
lactic acid (vegan)
garlic powder
onion powder
psyllium husk
black pepper
*All ingredients are organic 
*Shipping in Canada only!