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Intro To Vegan Cheese Making (May 5th) - Toronto

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Hey folks,

I am bringing back my vegan cheese making workshop to Toronto. 

This workshop is an introduction to vegan cheese making and culturing. 

All cheese is soy and gluten free. You will take home samples of each cheese we make as well as cheese and yogurt we start culturing in the workshop so that you can continue the process at home and further your understanding of how culturing vegan cheese works.

About The Workshop:

The workshop is taught by Sophia Banks, the owner and chef of Vegan Canteen. Sophia has worked in kitchens for nearly 20 years and is a patient and hands on teacher with lots of experience teaching people how to prepare food.

The workshop is a three hour, semi-hands on workshop where will go over the basics of vegan cheese making, fermentation, culturing and setting vegan cheese.

We will go over making rejuvelac (a natural probiotic) to start your vegan cheese, using rejuvelac and miso for culturing and fermentation. 

We will also go over what makes vegan cheese melt and stretch, what agar is, what kappa carrageenan is, the main differences between the two. 

We personally believe what makes vegan cheese great is the culturing process, it's add depth and nuance to the flavour.

We will be making:

Hemp seed yogurt

Nacho cheese (that stretches) 

Smoked cashew cheddar

Sunflower seed cream cheese

Chickpea mozzarella (better than daiya)

Almond feta cheese


Saturday May 5th, 2018

9am- 12pm


1pm -4pm


3Delta Studio

180 Shaw Street, Unit 207

Artscape Youngplace

vegan chickpea cheese

Meltable Chickpea Cheese


aged cashew cheese

Aged White Cashew Cheddar 

vegan creamcheese

Sunflower Seed Cream Cheese