Holiday Cheese Board (Grande)

Holiday Cheese Board (Grande)

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Grande Cheese Board


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The Selection:


1. Blue Cheese. (Aged for 8 weeks, strong blue flavour).


2. Porcini and truffle camembert.  (A creamy interior with a bloomed rind and strong mushroom flavour).


3. Cedar infused black mission chèvre with a subtle hint of Jagermeister.  (Aged for 6 weeks to develop a somewhat hard exterior while keeping a soft interior. Rinded with edible ash oak smoked pink salt).


4. Apricot, rosemary and port gouda. (aged for 6 weeks, somewhat sweet, somewhat sour, so much delicious). 


5. Blueberry, sage, orange, truffle and chardonnay gouda, with smoked ash and cherrywood. (Aged 6 weeks, with a hint of fermented fruit and a back flavour of truffle and sweet chardonnay).


6. Sharp white cheddar marbled with Guinness beer and with a black ash and smoked with cherrywood. (Aged 6 weeks, with a mild Guinness flavour, sharp cheddar tang and smokey cherrywood flavour. 


Each Cheese is 140 grams, the Mini Cheese Board is 6 cheeses at 140 grams each