Plant-Based Cheese Powder


Hi! I'm Sophia, the owner and chef of Vegan Canteen. We are a fair wage vegan food business with the belief that eating a plant-based diet shouldn't break the bank or increase the carbon footprint. Keep things simple, keep things delicious! Our future is not just plant-based, but plant-forward!

We are very excited to announce our plant-based cheese powder that we have been perfecting over the past year. It's a shelf-stable vegan cheese powder that you can use to make your own vegan cheese sauce! Think delicious gooey vegan mac and cheese! Use it to spice up kale chips or salads, use it as a dip for veggies, pour it over vegetables! Even make your own spreadable cream cheese. There are so many ways to incorporate this yummy product into your meal planning! Perks of backing our kickstarter will include a set of recipe cards to help you get creative in the cheese lab! 

That already sounds awesome but just wait --

We also have a version of the vegan cheese mix that you can use to make your own block cheese at home. No special equipment or high-speed blenders required! Shred it, slice it, melt it, sandwich it up! 

As a professional vegan chef, this cheese powder has become a staple in my kitchen, just as I know it will become essential in yours. You can make as small or as large of a portion as you need. Have a vegan friend or family member coming for dinner? This will knock their socks off!  Make a customizable amount for wherever your meal-planning may take you.

For more info and to back our project, please follow the link below