Kickstarter Recipes

Hey folks, sorry for the delay on this. 


To get you started I am adding a few base recipes.


The block power and nacho sauce were put off to the next round of packaging. So for those you will see stickers on the bags


The ingredients in the block powder are the same as the cheddar style but with kappa carrageenan

The tex-mex is the ingredients listed on the package plus cumin, coriander, chives, chilli powder, chipotle powder

Updated Recipe

I did launch a new version of this cheese powder in the last while. More salt was added, as was mustard and a touch of sweet.


The Sauce

The base sauce is best prepared by mixing a 1/4 of powder with 3/4 cup water or plant based milk and 1 tablespoon of oil, then bring this to a simmer on medium to low heat, until the sauce starts to get thick. 

This is really customizable.

For extra flavour add a dash or mustard or apple cider vinegar to the sauce. You might also fin it needs salt.


The Block Powder

1/4 cup of cheese powder

3/4 plant based milk or water

1/4 cup of refine coconut oil

bring mixture to a light simmer and keep stirring. To make block powder the kappa needs to get hot enough for a few minutes. If the oil starts to separate it's too hot. 



I will post more detailed recipes shortly. 


Check out our instagram for videos on preparing the cheese.