How To Order

Ordering with Vegan Canteen is quite simple. Here is a quick guideline on how to order.


We deliver to your home or office in the Ottawa area every Sunday, and in Montreal every Tuesday.


We have a handy little map below outlining our delivery zones and what time you can expect your delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Place your order by 4pm on Friday for delivery on Sunday or Tuesday. You can of course order earlier in the week if that's easier for you.


We don't ask you to sign up for any subscription plan, and you can order whatever you like from the menu. We do ask for a minimum order of $40 for delivery and delivery is free.  


Simply select what you want from our menu and we deliver it to you. So simple, so many choices.


We will contact you on Saturday to give you give you an estimated time for your delivery.


After you select your items you will go the checkout page. Here you will find a little comment box. This is a great section to let us know of anything we should know for your delivery. Perhaps it's a side door delivery? Can we safe drop if you are not home? Any buzzer codes we need to know?  


Ottawa Delivery Zone



Montreal Delivery Zone