Vegan Cheeze Powder

Vegan cheese powder mix.


Made with organic dehydrated vegetables and lentils.


We now have two types of vegan cheese powder mixes.


The classic cheddar mac and cheese mix.

- Make a gooey and thick vegan mac and cheese sauce in under 5 minutes.


NEW! Made your own vegan block cheese that melts and slices.

- Make your own vegan block cheese in under 10 minutes. (plus a day for solidifying)  


Each package is 120 grams and will make 1kg of vegan cheese.


Standard delivery zones, times and prices for delivery.



Don't live in Montreal or Ottawa and want some vegan cheese powder. Just add the shipping rate below. Shipping across Canada with regular post. Please note that shipping is $15 for even a single package, so we suggest ordering 2-3 packages to get your moneys worth :) 

vegan cheese powder