vegan cheese powder

Vegan Cheese Powder Mix

  • $9.25

Vegan Cheese Powder Mix (4 flavours)

Made with organic dehydrated vegetables and blended into a cheese powder that can easily be tuned into a vegan mac and cheese sauce, a cheese for your veggie burgers, or used as is for a popcorn topping or kale chip batter.  So many ideas!

Sold in packages of 3 or you can order our sample pack and get all 4 flavours to try out.

To Prepare

To prepare your vegan cheese sauce, simply add 1/3 cup of powder to 1 cup of water until the mixture thickens up (about 3-4 minutes on medium heat) make sure to stir the sauce as it heats. Adjust volume based on think you want the mixture. At the suggested ratio each package makes 5 cups of cheese sauce.


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